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عيادة إم بارك

زوريخ, سويسرا

Every year, Zurich attracts thousands of foreigners with its best Swiss clinics. One of them is Klinik Im Park that has been providing a constantly high level of medical services, professional care and friendly atmosphere for 25 years. Why exactly do patients choose Swiss clinics? The reason is that our specialists will do their best to ensure that patients receive personal care in a comfortable and safe environment. The best Swiss clinics provide medical services at the highest level, modern infrastructure, comfort, and safety.


The entire nation trusts its health to Swiss clinics and our hospital in particular. Swiss clinics ensure the highest possible level of services, and all activities are focused on the needs of patients. As the largest provider of health care services, Klinik Im Park combines all the relevant areas of expertise and the best doctors under one roof. Swiss clinics work responsibly and thoroughly, which ensures the long and successful development in Switzerland and helps Mediclinic International to hold a leading position in the healthcare system.

We are a hospital of choice among locals, as our patients receive excellent care and the ability to adapt to life in the local community. In addition, our hospital has established itself as a major employer: we have high professional standards for our employees and encourage qualified and loyal staff. Swiss clinics build strong partnerships with doctors and support valuable relationships with other stakeholders.


Private hospital on the left bank of the lake

Swiss clinics can offer their patients the highest standard of care, for example, the private hospital Hirslanden provides medical services with respect to the patient and in line with expectations of the most demanding patients.

Contractual hospital

Most often Swiss clinics operate on a contractual basis with doctors and other health care facilities (contractual hospital) and provide specialized and highly qualified health services. Swiss clinics strive to fulfill all the requirements of the Register of Medical Institutions to confirm the high quality of work and capabilities.

Tertiary health care

Swiss clinics offer their patients competent medical professionals with high skills, latest technology, and multi-faceted treatment concepts in the field of cardiac and visceral medicine, at the same time meeting HSM (Health Systems Management) requirements.

In November 24, 2014, the authorities of the canton of Schwyz published the Register of Medical Institutions 2015. Since 2015, Klinik Im Park is again included in this registry of Swiss clinics with a mandate to work in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery. Executive Board of the Health Department of the Canton of Schwyz inspected the list of services rendered at Klinik Im Park and found that the clinic complies with all applicable requirements to Swiss clinics and can be included into the Register of Medical Institutions. Conditions for obtaining a mandate for work in the field of heart surgery include the availability of infrastructure and the provision of emergency assistance related to heart surgery. As stated in the Resolution of the State Chancellery of the Canton of Schwyz, Klinik Im Park will continue to receive appropriate support. The management and the staff of Klinik Im Park are extremely pleased that the canton of Schwyz has adopted a favorable decision. On the one hand, this decision means that patients of the canton of Schwyz will receive quality services in the fields of cardiology and cardiac surgery. On the other hand, the inclusion into the Register of Medical Institutions proves that Klinik Im Park meets all the requirements that are applied to Swiss clinics.

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قسم طب الرضوح

باتريك نوتدورفت الدكتور في الطب

قسم التخدير

Martin Fröhner Dr. med.

قسم الجراحة العامة

Jan Schmidt Prof. Dr. med.

قسم الأشعة وطب الأعصاب

Stefan Heckl Prof. Dr. med.

قسم التوليد

Charles Etterlin Dr. med.

قسم طب الأنف والأذن والحنجرة

Monika Gericke Estermann Dr. med.

أمراض الدم

Test Dr. med.

قسم الأورام

Daniel Helbling Dr. med.

قسم جراحة العظام

Ulrich Exner Prof. Dr. med.

مركز الرئة

Othmar Schöb Prof. Dr. med.

قسم أمراض القلب والأوعية الدموية

Christine Attenhofer Jost Prof. Dr. med.

قسم جراحة الأوعية الدموية

Hardy Schumacher Prof. Dr. med.

قسم جراحة المسالك البولية

Fredi Furrer Dr. med.

مركز الثدي

Bruno Jürg Studer Dr. med.

قسم جراحة الفم والوجه والفكين

Christian Oechslin Dr. med.

قسم الأورام النسائية

كونستانتينوس غاردانيس الدكتور في الطب


غرف المرضى

The clinic pays much attention to intensive personal care and a cosy atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable. The exclusive furnishings of the rooms located in the new building will satisfy the most demanding patients. Nothing will remind you that you are staying at hospital. Most rooms open a magnificent view of the well-groomed park of the clinic. Each elegantly furnished room has a colour LCD TV, a telephone, a mini-bar and a safe box, and a comfortable seating area, the Internet access and a chic bathroom.
The clinic offers single and double rooms. If you choose a single room, an accompanying person will be able to stay with you. A double room is shared with a patient of the same gender.
The enhanced comfort rooms are equipped with a safety box, a fridge and upholstered furniture.

قائمة المطاعم - وجبات الطعام

The patient and the accompanying person are offered a daily choice of three menus. If you are on a specific diet for any reason, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your dietary preferences prior to the treatment.

تفاصيل إضافية

Standard rooms include:


الممارسة الدينية

Christian priests are available for the patients at any time. Representatives of other religions may be requested at any time.

الشخص المرافق

Your companion may stay with you in your room or at a hotel of your choice during the fixed program.


You may stay at the hotel during the outpatient program. Our employees will support you for selecting the best option.


Zurich is one of the most famous Swiss attractions. It is a city, a municipality, and capital of the eponymous canton in Switzerland.

The city of Zurich has a population of about 400,000 inhabitants and it is one of the most known Swiss attractions. The population density reaches 4,300 inhabitants per square kilometer. Its surroundings are densely populated, so that the urban sprawl of Zurich is home to about 1.19 million people, and the Zurich metropolitan area has a population of about 1.83 million people.

Zurich is the most important economic, scientific and social center of Switzerland. The city is located in the eastern Swiss canton of Mittelland, on the Limmat River at the mouth of Lake Zurich. Its inhabitants are called "Zürcher".

A lot of foreigners come to Zurich to see Swiss attractions. Zurich has long been on the list of cities in the world, where quality of life and cost of living are extremely high. Since 2012, Zurich is the most expensive city in the world, followed by Tokyo and Geneva.

Zurich is a very convenient city to see the majority of Swiss attractions. With its train station, which is the largest station in Switzerland, and the airport, the city of Zurich is a continental transportation hub, and thanks to the big banks and insurance companies, it is international financial center and the largest financial market in Switzerland, followed by Geneva and Lugano. Despite the relatively small population, Zurich is considered to be an international center. Most media companies, including Swiss radio and television, have their headquarters in this city. Due to its location on Lake Zurich, well-preserved medieval old town, and a variety of Swiss attractions, as well as nightlife, Zurich is also a tourist center.

Swiss attractions will be interesting for history lovers. For instance, Zurich is founded on the Roman stronghold Turikum. It became a free imperial city in 1262 and a member of the Confederation in 1351. In the industrial age, the city of the reformer Ulrich Zwingli experienced its ascent to the economic metropolis of Switzerland. In allusion to the geographical and historical circumstances, sometimes Zurich is informally called the "city of the Limmat" or "twin city".