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غراتس, النمسا

Leech Clinic is a surgical clinic and a member of SANLAS Holding GmbH. “We are the Good Mood Clinic” is the slogan of the clinic, so our patients get specialist care and treatment all the way from a to Z in a friendly atmosphere. Infrastructure of the clinic includes three modern operating rooms, equipment for minimally invasive surgeries, surgery microscopes, post operative intensive care unit, laboratory, sleep laboratory, physiotherapy, modern diagnostic equipment, and much more.

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قسم الجراحة العامة

أنتون بيرغر البروفيسور الدكتور في الطب

قسم طب العيون

ألكسندر باخيرنيغ الدكتور في الطب

قسم طب العظام

ميخائيل فيلينغير الدكتور

قسم الأمراض الجلدية

روك كوكول الدكتور

قسم جراحة الأوعية الدموية

يوهانس فروفيرت البروفيسور الدكتور في الطب

قسم الطب الباطني

أرنولف بوخيبنير الدكتور

قسم طب الأنف والأذن والحنجرة

رودولف دانينغير الدكتور

قسم جراحة الأعصاب

بيرنغارد سوتير البروفيسور الدكتور

قسم طب الرضوح

كريستسان بولدين الدكتور

قسم الجراحة التجميلية

فلوريان إنسات الدكتور


غرف المرضى

The clinic has 44 beds in single and double rooms with modern facilities and a private bathroom (shower/toilet/bath). Each room includes a TV (cable TV channels), a telephone and a radio. The rooms also have mini-bars and safe boxes, and other amenities such as balconies in almost every room and the Scandinavian style courtyard garden for a comfortable feeling. Any patient can be offered to stay with his/her accompanying persons while babies surely stay in the mother’s room.
The clinic offers single and double rooms. If you choose a single room, an accompanying person will be able to stay with you. A double room is shared with a patient of the same gender.
The enhanced comfort rooms are equipped with a safety box, a fridge and upholstered furniture.

قائمة المطاعم - وجبات الطعام

The patient and the accompanying person are offered a daily choice of three menus. If you are on a specific diet for any reason, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your dietary preferences prior to the treatment.

تفاصيل إضافية

Standard rooms include:


الممارسة الدينية

Christian priests are available for the patients at any time. Representatives of other religions may be requested at any time.

الشخص المرافق

Your companion may stay with you in your room or at a hotel of your choice during the fixed program.


You may stay at the clinic hotel or a hotel of your choice during the outpatient program. Our manager will help you choose the best option.


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