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سويسرا, زوريخ

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التقييم الإجمالي8.9 / 10

قسم أمراض الجهاز الهضمي والكبد

Digestive diseases, namely stomach disorders, are the most common reason why people seek medical assistance. A patient is always in the foreground for us. We meticulously find out your wishes, provide comprehensive information about various digestive diseases, and determine the best treatment together with you. For many years, o
Marco Bernardi
Dr. med.Marco Bernardi
مشفى ليندبرج الخاص
سويسرا, فينترتور

مشفى ليندبرج الخاص

التقييم الإجمالي8.9 / 10

أمراض الجهاز الهضمي والكبد

Diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, including endoscopy procedure for stomach and intestines.
Falk Fiedler
Dr. med.Falk Fiedler