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مستشفى هيرسلاندن شتيفانسهورن سانت غالن
سويسرا, سانت غالن

مستشفى هيرسلاندن شتيفانسهورن سانت غالن

التقييم الإجمالي8.9 / 10

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Obesity, i.e. the expressed excessive weight resulting from the increased content of internal fat, has recently become the more common medical problem in our society. Weight-reducing treatment requires an integrated approach, interdisciplinary and multi-professional cooperation. Our experienced professionals advise their patient
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مستشفى دي فالير سيون
سويسرا, سيون

مستشفى دي فالير سيون

التقييم الإجمالي8.9 / 10

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Do you know that due to changes in the Health Insurance Regulations made in January 2012 this program is open for all patients, even outside the canton they live in? Surgical treatment of obesity is an opportunity offered by Clinique de Valère in conjunction with Leukerbad rehabilitation center within the framework of a n
Daniel Savioz
Prof. Dr. med.Daniel Savioz