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The medical specialists of our Clinic conduct operations of the plastic, esthetic and reconstructive surgery as follows:

  • Cosmetic surgery (face, neck and forehead lifting, superior and lower eyelid correction,  wrinkle elimination, liposuctioning, laser, botox, ear correction, change in the shape of the nose, hair transplant, breast reduction and augmentation, breast recovery; arm uplift, stomach uplift,  abdominoplasty, hip uplift; body contour correction (even after the sharp loss of weight), liposuctioning, transplantation).
  • Reconstructive surgery (after a trauma to recover a shape and functions, cicatrix correction, surgical treatment of burning injuries; arm surgery; diabetic foot surgery, tumors surgery, peripheral nerves surgery, microsurgery)
  • Congenital anomaly correction (surgery of the so called serpiginous hemangioma, arm congenital abnormality; web eye correction).

The plastic surgery (from the Classical Greek: plastein - shape, design) changes and recovers shapes. It results in the improvement of the body shapes and functions since visible body areas are mainly concerned that will enhance self-assessment afterwards and will positively impact on the social position.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Privatklinik Leech

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