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In the field such as internal medicine, currently many diseases are treated by the conservative method conducting detailed diagnostics, injections and administration of various medications. The internal medicine is specialized in many directions so as to represent different forms of diseases more purposefully.

For the time being, vascular, cardiac and metabolic diseases and immunology are diagnosed and should be treated by angiologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, dietarians and specialists for multiocular sclerosis, rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases. Our partners are glad to help you in case of the said forms of diseases to conduct detailed diagnostics and required therapy in the Leech Private Clinic.

Blood pressure and diabetes management, and conservative treatment of all heart and lungs diseases and cardiovascular diseases as well as required in-patient treatment of serious infections – you’ll find all of this in our Clinic.

We pay much attention to the GI tract disease diagnostics. Our personnel will help you by conducting gastroscopy, colonoscopy and, if needed, polypectomy with a view of early disease intelligence to avoid the occurrence of grave diseases and possible forms of cancer.


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